Below are the most commonly asked questions relating to tours, company policy, pick-up times, etc.

Is there a minimum number of persons required for a tour?

Yes, unless private or custom arrangements are made, all tours require a minimum 2 people.

Can I make a reservation if I am traveling alone, or our group is smaller than 2 people?

Absolutely! Many tours are filled throughout the season with individual travelers, or group bookings. Often, tours are filled with only a few days before their scheduled date. Reserve Now to confirm your spot.

What happens after I make a reservation?

After a reservation has been submitted, we will follow up with you to confirm the tour. Tours are confirmed if the chosen tour is operating on the selected date, and after the tour has been paid for, in full.

Do any tours operate every day?

Yes and no. During peak season, we operate tours every day.

Is there a meeting location, or can I get picked up anywhere in the city?

We offer free pick-ups from downtown St. George and nearby locations:

Pick-ups outside of the general area can be arranged by request and for a nominal fee.

Where do I get dropped off after the tour?

Unless special arrangements are requested and agreed to, all drop-offs return to the place of origination.

Is there a minimum number of persons required for a tour?

Yes, unless private or custom arrangements are made, all tours require a minimum 2 people.

What are the pick-up times for HST Tours?

Pick-up times can vary depending on the type of tour (half-day, full-day tours), size of the group, and pick-up locations. We confirm pick-up times with all confirmed tour guests just before the tour. Here are general pick-up times for our standard tours at downtown pick-up locations:

Half-day Tours:

8:00 - 8:30 pick-up time for 'Morning Tours'

11:30 - 12:00 pick-up time for 'Afternoon Tours'

Full-day Tours: 8:00 - 8:30 pick-up time for Full-day Tours

Is lunch included on any of the tours?

All of our tours include picnic lunches, weather permitting and comfort stops.

Is food or drink consumption allowed on-board the vehicle?

No, consumption of food or open drink on board the vehicle is not allowed at any time. We stop often and guests can snack outside of the vehicle if they choose. Water from a resealable bottle is allowed on-board the vehicle

What should I bring to be comfortable for the tour?

The following are items to bring to your tour:


- Comfortable walking or hiking shoes

- A light wind jacket and poncho or raincoat

- Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat

- Resealable drinking water


- Comfortable and insulated shoes or winter boots

- Warm winter jacket

- Sunglasses and a hat which warms the ears

- Warm gloves or mittens

- Resealable drinking water


All Prices are in US Funds

Pay Pal, Visa or MasterCard Credit Cards

Cash accepted only on tour days as last minute bookings only!

Gratuities or tipping provided at your own discretion.


Phone: 435-625-1899


Monday to Friday: 8:00AM to 5:00PM, MDT

Saturday & Sunday: 10:00AM to 3:00PM, MDT